Volunteering with YouthLink makes a big impact. Service to our community comes in different ways. You could use a special skill or talent to teach things like coding or Newton’s law; develop a mentoring or tutoring relationship with one or several of our students to help fill social and educational gaps; work the Clemson University concession stands (football, basketball and baseball) with students to help fund YouthLink 360; or support staff by offering help in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math.

If you are interested in developing a deeper connection with YouthLink, helping with the Leadership Academy may be for you. Leadership Academy mentors work with our children to promote healthy relationships, support the ups and downs that come along with middle and high school, encourage healthy decision making, and serve as a support system when a child needs a safe friend to turn to.

Sharing your life and providing a positive role model play an important role in the EMPOWERMENT of our youth.

If you you’d like to discuss how your skills could help YouthLink through volunteering your time, please call 864-973-7625 or email volunteer@youthlinksc.org.